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Everyone Wanted To Live In Belltown & Queen Anne In 2013

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Photo: Russ Walker

Every Seattle neighborhood can tell you they're the neighborhood everyone wants to live in, but what do the numbers say? Trulia decided to crunch some, namely the neighborhoods in Seattle where people viewed the most homes using their website so far in 2013. What they found out is that, far and away, more people look for home in Belltown than any other Seattle neighborhood. The caveat being that they've sliced up Queen Anne a bit, and three 'hoods within the neighborhood show up in the top ten as well. If you add up those three QA neighborhoods, you get close but Belltown is still the champ.

1. Belltown (8.97%)
2. Capitol Hill/Broadway (4.59%)
3. Central District (3.68%)
4. East Queen Anne (3.29%)
5. Lower Queen Anne (2.53%)
6. Wallingford (2.25%)
7. Greenwood (2.19%)
8. Columbia City (2.06%)
9. Ballard (1.94%)
10. West Queen Anne (1.87%)
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