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Prices Up, Sales Down In King, Snohomish Counties

Photo: Joe Wolf

We found yesterday that more people look for housing in Belltown than any other neighborhood in Seattle. Hope those people are saving up because a new report says King County November condo sale prices were up to $240K from the $204K price they were at a year ago (a 17.4% jump). It's not just King County either as Snohomish County saw sale prices jump 19.7% over the last year.

For non-condo single family homes, median sales price was $280K area-wide, up 4.1%. King County saw a 2.9% drop in inventory but a 7.5% gain in prices. King County median prices came in at $414K (up from $385K last year), though as Seattle Bubble notes, sales in King County are down a whopping 22.8% from October to November.
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