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Vulcan To Seattle: Hurry Up & Rezone South Lake Union Already

Look, Seattle City Council. All Vulcan Real Estate wants to do is build three 24-story towers on the southern shore of Lake Union and they want you to approve the deal within six months of rezoning SLU (before one of you replaces Mike McGinn as mayor and starts asking questions) or they won't give you $10 million worth of Vulcan-owned land to build low-income and market-rate housing. That's easy for you to understand, isn't it?

Apparently not...

"We are being asked to approve this deal which we really don't know about," [Councilmember Tim] Burgess said "We all have heard we need to move ahead expeditiously," City Council President Sally Clark said. But the Block 59 proposal is "a very late, complicated addition," she said. "Frankly, we don't know enough about it."

The Block 59 proposal and the proposed rezoning of South Lake Union to allow taller buildings will continue to be discussed at spring meetings.
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