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Why Does Seattle Hate Connective Public Transit?

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For all the complaining about traffic, Seattle is a city full of public transportation options. A reliable bus system runs the gamut of neighborhoods and routes. The light rail can take you from Downtown to Westlake easily and can also get you to SeaTac without much trouble. And of course, if you've got family in town, you're required by law to take the monorail over to Seattle Center.

You've probably heard by now about the idea of building gondolas that run from the Waterfront to Capitol Hill as a way to help cut down on traffic suggestion. It's something that's been discussed before in other parts of the city. However, along with the thought some have to re-boot the waterfront trolley, it begs the question...why can't Seattle come up with a public transit solution that actually connects all of its public transit?

Light rail expansion is in the works and, in theory, the bulk of the city could be connected by 2030. Sometimes, though, it feels like Seattlites can be short-sighted and antsy when it comes to solving the traffic issues that concern us.

The 99 tunnel is probably going to create even more traffic while being built and even after it's done, so Seattle needs public transit improvements more than ever. But it's time to start thinking about what we really need and how we can connect it all in a viable way. We don't know about you but the idea of needing a light rail pass, gondola pass, trolley pass and bus pass just to get to and from work every day makes our brain want to eat itself.

What do you see as the transit solution for Seattle? Is it time to get rid of the useless monorail once and for all and use that space for a light rail extension? Is a gondola really necessary or can we accomplish the same thing via another option? Should Seattle throw all its resources into light rail or are we forgetting something?
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