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Taking a Stand Against Increasing Building Heights

The possibility of taller buildings in Seattle is not going over well with some folks. It seems that development around the Capitol Hill light rail station might lead to a change in zoning that brings building height limits up, up, up. So today's Capitol Hill Community Council is where to go to say no, no, no. This so called "upzoning" will be fought with an effort to approve two new council members to act on behalf of the neighbors that want to keep things on the short stuff side. Why is it such a big deal anyway? When asked, a member of "Reasonable Density Seattle" named Carl Winter responded to CHS, "You ask me to give you an answer regarding appropriate building heights for this project. I ask, shouldn't these building heights be determined by the community?" Sounds like a lot of NIMBY.
· Groups looking to limit Capitol Hill development pick fight over Broadway height [CHS blog]