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Nabe Where Residents Bike To Work Most is North University

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Overall 3% of Seattle bikes to work, according to Commute Seattle survey results. But certain neighborhoods are way more into it than others. Here's how things shaped up by location and percent of people bike commuting

1. North University 9.46%
2. Ravenna 8.63%
3. Wallingford 8.14%
4. Eastlake 6.99 %
5. South Lake Union/Denny 6.60%
6. Bryan 6.56%
7. Sunset Hill 6.54%
8. Laurelhurst 6.52%

Pioneer Square came in the least likely to bike, with a big fat 0 in the survey. Is there a brave soul with a fixie looking to start the revolution and move there?
· Is your neighborhood one of Seattle's cycling hot spots? [FYI Guy/Seattle Times]