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What Will Rents Be Like At The New Via6 Apartment Building?

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The New Via6 apartment building (located where Belltown, Downtown and South Lake meet up) generated some buzz when the developer liked it so much he promised to move in. Next month, Matt Griffin and his wife are supposed to take a one-bedroom, 700-square-foot, 10th-floor apartment in Via 6. The Seattle Times writes,

The idea is to generate some word-of-mouth buzz. "I think it'll be fun," Griffin says. "I'd really like our friends to see it. I don't know who they run into."

Likely, Griffin will be paying $0 a month to live there, right? So what's the place going to run a normal person? According to the sales site, the biggest apartments, 1,116 square feet, rent for $2,135 to $2,285/month. The smallest is listed as a mere 500 square feet, and runs $1,175 to $2,090/month. Amenities include: balconies and walk-in closets in most units, cork and wood flooring, tall ceilings, and two floors of penthouses, with upgraded features like wine coolers and expanded wood flooring.

Sounds nice enough, but Griffin is only supposed to stay one month before returning to his nearby condo in the Seaboard Building on Westlake Park. Via6 will be ready for tenants this spring.

· Top developer will live in huge Via 6 apartment complex — briefly [Seattle Times]