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Check Out The Blue Ridge House That Craigslist Built

Stay-at-home dad David Henderson decided that he wanted to remodel his Blue Ridge home. He apparently also decided that he didn't want to spend a lot of money. And so, he decided to look for ways to remodel the home through Craigslist. Somehow, it worked.

After ripping off the roof and gutting just about everything inside, Henderson refitted the home with his findings, including:

· Wood from "a guy from Snoqualmie Pass."
· A stainless sink with a copper exterior purchased for $300.
· 10,000 linear feet of old-growth Douglas fir for the ceiling acquired from a Shelton lumber warehouse.
· A live-edge madrona bar.
· A Wolf kitchen exhaust fan.
· Two South Lake Union warehouse beams converted into stairs.
· Cedar for the bathroom ceiling from an Enumclaw swimming-pool room.
· Fir doors that literally fell off a truck.

Henderson also sold old materials from the home on Craigslist, making this and coming-and-going kind of transaction process. And some of the items he couldn't get via the online marketplace, such as the appliances, he got in clearance sales.

So next time you're thinking about doing some work on your home and don't think you can get what you need, remember what David was able to accomplish with a couple clicks of a mouse and a few trips outside of Seattle.

The Seattle Times has photos of the home so go check it out.

· Tour the house that Craigslist built [Seattle Times]

Snoqualmie Pass

1001 State Route 906, Snoqualmie, WA