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You Too Can Own A Map Of Post-Apocalyptic Seattle

Imagine, if you will...Seattle's downtown skyline has collapsed. Cars sit motionless on I-5, abandoned years ago. Wallingford and Queen Anne have been reclaimed by the plants and animals. Civilization as we know it has left Seattle.

What would it look like? And would you want a map of it on your wall? If so, you might want to consider investing in artist Tony Dowler's Seattle Doomsday Map Kickstarter Fund.

Depending on how much you invest in the project, you can get your very own map of post-apocalyptic Seattle, a personalized map of your own Seattle neighborhood after the apocalypse and the guidebook, "Dee Dee's Doomsday Guide to Surviving in Post-Apocalyptic Seattle."

Don't leave your Seattle home without any of them. Seriously. There are radioactive mutants out there...
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