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The Five Least Expensive Properties for Sale in North Queen Anne

This week we're checking out the five least expensive properties for sale in North Queen Anne. Boundaries are set by the realtors. We didn't include any property that's currently in contract. A friendly reminder: read the fine print, as some of these abodes have strings attached.

Address: 3216 14th Ave W, Unit 104, Seattle, WA
Asking price: $169,900
Size: 607 sq. ft.
Rooms: 1-BR, 1-bath
The skinny: The price came down from $193K to $169K after one month on the market, so we guess it needed a boost. The kitchen features a breakfast bar that opens to the dining room. Large windows in living room with a sliding glass door lead you to the patio. Plus, there's a washer and dryer in this unit. If the price is right...

Address: 3216 14th Ave W, Unit 202, Seattle, WA
Asking price: $235,000
Size: 771 sq. ft.
Rooms: 2-BR, 1.5-bath
The skinny: Pretty spacious two-bedroom condo a floor up from our first option. Lots of little crevasses for all your stuff. There's a laundry crevasse. And a kinda-creepy closet crevasse that seems like the kind of room you stuff people you don't want to hang out with.

Address: 3636 14th Ave W, Unit 102, Seattle, WA
Asking price: $310,000
Size: 1,215 sq. ft.
Rooms: 2-BR, 2-bath
The skinny: This one is another one with a price-drop, though it's only $5K. Drop or not, this spacious condo comes with a large patio & private yard, so you get the home-y feel. One of the benefits of living on ground level.

Address: 2831 14th Ave W, Unit 3, Seattle, WA
Asking price: $355,000
Size: 1,215 sq. ft.
Rooms: 3-BR, 1.75-bath
The skinny: Spacious three-story condo with sweeping water, golf course and territorial views enhanced with over sized windows and skylights. Originally listed at $380K, this one has come down twice in the last two months.

Address: 354 Queen Anne Dr, Seattle, WA
Asking price: $425,000
Size: 3,680 sq. ft.
Rooms: 2-BR, 1-bath
The skinny: Originally listed at $473K, we're down almost $50K. It looks nice in the photos so we're not sure what the hold-up is for everyone. Check it out and let us know why it's such a tough sell.