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Celebrate National Pancakes Day Near This 2-BR Bellevue Home

It's National Pancakes Day, everyone. Mazel tov! If you were ever saving a day to step outside your house and walk down to the local pancake house or pancake shoppe or otherwise-named pancake-making facility, today is the day. But what if where you live doesn't have a pancake-making facility nearby? Then clearly you need a new home. And this 2-BR, 1.75 bath in Bellevue offers you the chance to "walk to Sunday pancakes" per the listing. We're hoping that offer counts for Tuesday pancakes as well.

Worst-case scenario, just make your own pancakes and sit on the complex deck overlooking Lake Washington. There are worst places to enjoy your pancakes.
· 9951 Lake Washington Blvd, Unit 50, Bellevue [Estately]