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Triangular 1904 Victorian Home In Capitol Hill For $517K

You'd have to be really obtuse to miss this triangular-shaped 1904 Victorian home in Capitol Hill that just hit the market at $517K. It's acute addition to the Seattle housing market and offers some unique interior angles inside.

If you're looking for a living space full of corners, you'll want to pick the upstairs loft with a mountain view. If you like things a little more oblique, try the downstairs bedrooms.

The main rooms boast bright color whether you're looking at the opposite side or the adjacent side. And if someone asks if you've seen them, you can just tell them isosceles.

If we were you, we'd sine on the dotted line right now. And if you need some help, you can always get someone to cosine. (Okay, we're done).
· 1120 19th Ave. [Estately]