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Seattle Settles Over Magnuson Park Building 11 Renovation

In 2008, Building 11 LLC entered into a public-private partnership with Seattle to renovate a derelict building at Magnuson Park and turn it a mixed-use project that would include a medical clinic and a fast food restaurant. After there was opposition from the neighborhood, the city council changed laws, prohibiting medical clinics and reducing subsidies that would have benefitted the developer.

And so, in 2011, Building 11 sued the city. Thursday, the city of Seattle announced it will pay $7.25 million to settle the lawsuit.

Under the settlement, the developer will complete renovations already under way and Seattle will pay to finish anything beyond that. Given the financial implications of the settlement, plans for recreational & waterfront building tenants will likely have to be scraped in lieu of commercial & office tenants.

Check out the original plans for the renovated Building 11 and wonder if those scenes of people frolicking outside will ever happen.
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