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Too Big & Expensive To Fail: Seattle's New Elementary Schools

Seattle and Tacoma are about to ask taxpayers to fund dozens of construction projects over the next decade, including the construction of brand new elementary schools. Tacoma is asking for $30 million apiece to build eight elementary schools while Seattle wants $42 million apiece for six. The Seattle Times crunched the numbers and that's about 20% more higher than any elementary school project in the state over the last couple years.

Why the higher pricetag? Because the schools will be built to be the biggest elementary schools in the state. Classrooms will be bigger, gymnasiums will have more room and libraries will have space for many more books.

The number of students in each school will not be significantly higher than other schools, which means students in these schools will have access to more learning tools.

All in all, Seattle is asking for a $695 million construction levy that will either fix up or replace seventeen schools and ultimately add 8,000 spots for students that aren't currently there. New schools are planned for Thornton Creek, Arbor Heights, Genesee Hill, Olympic Hills, Wilson-Pacific and Wing Luke.
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