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The Listing For This $600K 4-BR Ballard Home Is Super Intense

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Do you have what it takes to buy this 4-BR, 2-bath home in Ballard that just hit the market for $600K? Seriously, we're asking. We read the agent summary and we're not entirely sure what is going on...

Walk-ability Worth the Wait: Your inspector is your new best friend. If you're in a car, you're with your agent. You want your weekends back. You're ready for the finish line. Is this it? Cafes + grocery + restaurants + parks + boutiques + library + locks (+lox)?= 97 (Walkscore). A home offering history; strong presence; your future. Kitchen: Modern, eat-in. Living and dining: Classic, charming, proud. Bedrooms and bathrooms: 4/2. Yard: Absolutely. Garage: Check. Is the waiting over? Finish! We have no idea what is going on but we better go buy this house right now. FINISHING!
· 2247 NW 60th St [Estately]