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SoDo Arena NHL Designs Look Great, Minus A Few Key Details

Chris Hansen's SoDo Arena isn't just being built for basketball, remember. It's also supposed to attract a brand new NHL franchise to Seattle as well. So now that the hubbub over the basketball designs has died down, Hansen is making sure you see what it might look like if and when Seattle is ready to lace up the skates.

As with most NBA/NHL buildings we have designed the seats behind the backboard/goal to retract backwards and the first few rows of courtside seating can be removed to accommodate hockey's larger playing surface and dasher board. The net result puts hockey fans even closer to the action, including our pocket suites. Given the size of the playing surface and speed of the game, we also think the Sonic Rings will prove to be one of the most unique and valued viewing experiences in the game.

Looks great, but, uh, where are the player benches? And how do the players get to and from the locker room? And how does the Zamboni get on the rink?

The good news is, Hansen and his team have a long time to figure all of that stuff out. We'll get this hockey thing figured out in time, we're sure.
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