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Five Things We Noticed About The SoDo Arena Design Rendering

If there's one thing we noticed in those SoDo Arena initial mock-ups, it's that they are extremely intricate. And not just for the detail put into the court and seating, but also in the unique crowd imagery within. We took a closer look at these rendered Sonics fans to see if we could find out more about them. Here's what we discovered...

1. We really like this guy, apparently

Can't tell exactly who that giant noggin belongs to, but we're already big fans of his.

2. Celebrity Sighting?

Is that Bono? The way everyone to his right is staring at him, you'd think so.

3. Squatch!

It wouldn't be right if our old friend Squatch wasn't present and accounted for.

4. Standing Room Only

Good news, there are no nose-bleed seats in the arena. Bad news, there's now a nose-bleed standing section.

5. New NBA Rules Coming?

According to the clock behind the basket, there's 15:13 left to play...but 15:13 of what? NBA quarters are 12 minutes long. So either Chris Hansen knows about an upcoming rules change or...

Notice anything we missed? Let us know in the comments or send an email and we'll add it.