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Roland Terry-Designed Washington Park House Looks Every Bit The $2.85M Price Tag

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Northwestern architectural genius Roland Terry is responsible for so many iconic Seattle buildings, such as Canlis and the original Nordstroms flagship store. He also designed plenty of homes here and around the world, one of which in Washington Park just hit the market for $2.85M.

The 5,150 square-foot, 4-BR home is highlighted by the four-glass-stories overlook that leads out to the backyard jacuzzi, a symmetrical open design that cascades light through it's 10.5 rooms and the nonstop panoramic views of Lake Washington, the Bellevue skyline, the Cascades, and Mount Rainier.

Special bonus for the website dedicated to the house, with its classical soundtrack and promises that "this Roland Terry Classic shows you have arrived at a new station in life." Well la-di-la...
· 1101 McGilvra Blvd E [Estately]