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Bothell Makes Move To Continue Growing Downtown

Bothell has been aggressive in recent years when it comes to redeveloping their downtown, with millions invested into roads, parks, residential growth and commercial property. They made another move Tuesday when they approved a tentative agreement with Polygon Homes, who purchased 5.5 acres in downtown Bothell for $5 million.

The deal would allow Polygon to build approximately 100 for-sale townhomes. In return for getting such prime real estate, the deal also requires Polygon to spend over $3.2M on road and infrastructure improvements.

The property related to the deal is located just south of Pop Keeney Stadium and just southeast of McMenamins' entertainment & hotel complex set to go up near Bothell Way NE and NE 188th Street.
· Polygon Homes to acquire downtown Bothell development site in $8.2 million deal [PSBJ]