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Couple Looking For Ballard Space To Park Their Tiny House

MyBallard has the scoop on Andrew and Kelsey Mooseker, who are in the middle of building a microhome (or tiny house or whatever you want to call it) out in Bothell and want to eventually move it all the way to Ballard where Andrew works.

The house, which is being built based on plans similar to the Tiny Tack House in Snohomoish, will end up being roughly 8 x 20 feet with two sleeping areas for themselves and their daughter. If they're sticking close to the Tiny Tack House plans, it should top out around 150 square feet.

Believe it or not, there's precedent at work here. In 2009, another couple wanted to do the same thing and ended up finding a permanent place for their tiny home.

Those with information about a potential place for the home should email kelsey.mooseker at gmail dot com.
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