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Today In SoDo Arena Developments: Sacramento Has An Arena Plan Of Their Own

The whole reason that Seattle is on the verge of turning the Sacramento Kings into the new Seattle Sonics is because the city wasn't about to put together a viable arena plan to keep the team (no thanks in large part to team owners, The Maloofs). So now that Seattle has a kick-ass arena plan and a deal to purchase the team, wouldn't you know it, Sacramento finally has an arena plan.

Unlike Seattle, the Sacramento taxpayers would get stuck paying for 58% of the arena (compared to 25% here). Sacramento taxpayers would also be on the hook for bond payments if proposed parking revenues fail to hit their numbers whereas Chris Hansen and his co-owners are the ones on the hook here in Seattle.

We're about to find out exactly what Sacramento is willing to do to keep their team (the city council votes on the deal Tuesday night). Back here in Seattle, all we can do at the moment is compare the two deals and realize, all things considered, just how good a deal ours is.
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