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Seattle's Biggest Hotel Will Now Replace Greyhound Terminal

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As you know, the Greyhound Terminal that has shuffled folks in and out of Seattle for 85 years is moving to SoDo to make room for what was supposed to be a dual tower project consisting of an office tower and hotel. Thursday, developer Hedreen announced they're dropping the 500-foo office tower from plans due to apparent challenges that could arise with city planners.

They are still, however, moving forward with "Ninth & Stewart," a 43-story tower that will become Seattle's biggest hotel and second biggest meeting & event location.

The first six floors will be a podium that contains the lobby, affordable housing for workers, banquet space and meeting rooms. Above that, a 37-floor tower will contain 1,500 guest rooms and suites.

Demolition of the Greyhound terminal will commence in March 2014 and the projected $400-$500M construction is expected to be completed in early 2017.
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