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Seattle 4th Of July Fireworks Show In Perpetual Jeopardy Without Donations

While most cities have one annual Fourth of July tradition, holding a fireworks show, Seattle actually has two. We hold a fundraising drive in order to raise the money for a fireworks show that otherwise wouldn't happen. And THEN we have a fireworks show.

Ever since the city and it's former backers stopped ponying up the money, the Family 4th at Lake Union has been completely dependent on donations from Seattle's people and companies to happen. This year, organizers say they need $500,000 by March 31st in order to pack Gas Works Park on July 4th for another fireworks display.

Starbucks, Talking Rain, and Tom Douglas have already made donations to lay the groundwork but there's still a ways to go. You can find out more about donating here. How much would you be willing to donate to keep the fireworks show going? Or would you rather just see that tradition go away so you can get some sleep?
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