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Bullitt Center Tenants Move In, Promise To Take The Stairs

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Last week, the first tenants of the "world's greenest office building" started moving in to the Bullitt Center at 15th and Madison in Capitol Hill.

Among the tenants is UW Integrated Design Lab, video-production company Interchange Media Art Productions, building owner The Bullitt Foundation and design & engineering studio Intentional Futures. All of them had to make some pretty stringent promises to make sure they uphold the spirit of the building, including...

· Stick to a water & electricity budget that is set by the building.
· Leave out any furniture that could have toxic components.
· Make sure that all worker stations are within 30 feet of windows, so that employees have access to fresh air and sunlight.
· Use the staircase over the elevator whenever possible.
· Encourage staff to walk or bike to work, or at least take public transportation.

All par for the course when the building you're working in is trying to meet the "Living Building Challenge" standards. And those standards aren't cheap to maintain. Bullitt is asking $28 to $30 per square foot per year, plus roughly $10.50 per square foot for taxes, insurance and maintenance.

The Bullitt Center will hold an official grand-opening event on Earth Day, natch.
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