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Robert Swift Moved Out, Forgot To Take Bullets, Trash & Feces With Him

The good news for the owners of the foreclosed Sammamish home former Seattle Sonic Robert Swift had been living in? He finally moved out.

The bad news? He left everything behind. And we mean everything...

Animal feces clogs the deck. Walls are punched out on different levels of the house. One even has an autograph. Pizza boxes and beer bottles stack in piles on the kitchen granite. Multiple guns were seen in the home. Some appear to be air guns, but live ammo was also found. Dalzell said a handgun was found inside.

A makeshift shooting range is in the basement storage area. Eric Dalzell said load-bearing beams have graze marks from bullets. Part of the foundation appeared to stop some of the slugs.

It's not just gross or disturbing, the story also has a fairly depressing angle as well. The former basketball phenom also left behind tons of personal memorabilia, including a box of letters from big time college programs like UCLA, Kentucky, and Kansas, many of which remain unopened to this day.

Swift's current whereabouts are unknown. If he does happen to show up looking for a place to stay, the good news is that he's certainly going to be traveling light.

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