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Seattle's Stormwater Going To Good, Green Use

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Mayor McGinn announced Wednesday that Seattle is ramping up plans to use natural drainage systems as a way to filter 700 million gallons of Seattle stormwater each year rather than by using traditional "pipe-and-tank" systems.

"Whenever possible, we should be looking for ways to better manage our stormwater with natural processes and leveraging our drainage investments," the Mayor said today, announcing a new goal to manage 700 million gallons of stormwater annually with green stormwater infrastructure, by the year 2025. "Seattle residents and businesses care about the environment. And that's why we are inviting the whole community to join us in this effort." Green roofs, such as the one on top of the Gates Foundation parking garage, are the kind of thing McGinn is talking about. Natural filtration systems include bioretention swales, rain gardens, stormwater cisterns and pervious pavement will be involved on public and private properties and are expected to account for 1,000 "green gallons" of stormwater per resident, per year.
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