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Greyhound Buses It To SoDo After 85 Years, Makes Room For Massive Towers

For 85 years, the Greyhound terminal between Olive Way & Stewart St. provided people with the opportunity to get where they needed to go. Now, Greyhound themselves will be taking a trip, albeit a short one, to their new home in SoDo in order to make room for a two-tower complex with a hotel, apartments and offices.

Greyhound's new terminal will be on the corner of Sixth Avenue South and Royal Brougham Way. The Washington State Department of Transportation is leasing the space to the bus company, who plans to open a new terminal there this fall.

As for the space it's leaving behind after almost a century, there are big plans from Seattle developer R.C. Hedreen. The dual 500-tower structure has plans to include 1,200 hotel rooms (2nd-most in the city), 600 apartments and 350,000 square feet of office space.

The project will be reviewed March 19 and Hedreen's goal is to build it by the end of 2016.
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