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Today In SoDo Arena Developments: Sonic Ring Images Released

The battle between Seattle and Sacramento for the future of the Kings/Sonics is at fever pitch. Sacramento seems pretty convinced that their recent arena plans will be enough to keep the team there. Meanwhile, Chris Hansen just keeps buying stakes in the team and doubling-down on his local investments, promising an additional $20 million in improvements to Key Arena, where the team would have to play for two years before the SoDo Arena was ready.

Wednesday, reps from both cities will meet in NYC with a panel of NBA owners to pitch their plans and, hopefully, cement the win for their fans.

In the meantime, Hansen's team has released a series of sketches showcasing the Sonics Rings,' the fan balconies that will host a bevy of fan-related activities and game-watching experiences. Judging by the women in one of the photos, it's definitely where the cool kids hang out.

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