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Bremerton Takes Step To Kill Zombie (Houses)

Zombies. They eat our brains. Ravage our towns. Sneak up on us even though they groan loudly (somehow). And in the case of zombie houses, foreclosed homes left vacant, they can be major eyesores and attract squatters. And according to one recent study, there are 301,874 across America.

Bremerton isn't just going to hole up and wait out the apocalypse. They're taking action against zombie houses by making homeowners, even if it's a bank, more responsible.

The ordinance would mandate that any owner of an abandoned home in the city would have to register the property with the city, ensure its doors and windows are secure, have it inspected once a month and establish a 24-hour emergency contact available when there are problems. Failure to comply could lead to hefty fines, the amounts of which are still being ironed out. Zombie homes account for over 50% of foreclosed properties in Washington, so it's no surprise that the Pierce County Council is also looking at a similar measure.
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