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Further Prove Your Seattle Neighborhood's Walkability Dominance With ChoiceMaps

How many restaurants are within a 20-minute walk from your Seattle neighborhood? Is it more or less than your neighboring 'hood? How about grocery stores? Or coffee shops?

WalkScore is giving you the chance to see exactly how your nabe measures up compared to the others with their new ChoiceMaps Tool...

The Seattle-based company that promotes walkable neighborhoods debuted the neighborhood analytics product today, which helps users measure access and depth of choice in cities and neighborhoods — and track how these trends are changing over time. The tool lets you measure how many people, on average, can walk to places like grocery stores and schools within a given amount of time. You can adjust the slider from anywhere from 5-to-20 minutes, change map type by "choice," or "access," as well as cycle through six different categories from restaurants to coffee shops to public transit.

Here's a comparison between Fremont and South Lake Union in terms of walking distance to a restaurant. While Fremont has more choices, SLU residents are much better covered no matter what street they live on.

Watch the video to learn more and check out Walk Score's site for further information.

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