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The Seattle City Council's transportation committee recently held a meeting to discuss the rise in micro-housing, or "aPodments," across the city. As these building crop up all over the city, bringing with them their affordable housing and shared kitchens, a lot of longtime residents are crying foul. And many a foul was cried at said meeting.

PubliCola was present at the meeting and they jotted down some of the comments from opponents to aPodments. None incapsulated the kind of catch-all fear-mongering we've come to expect quite like this one... woman testified that aPodments would quickly be overrun by mold, "meth addicts," "wild parties," people with "mental illness," and men who will terrorize "our daughters." (Then, in a classic case of concern trolling, she worried that microhousing residents wouldn't be able to cook decent food, because they'd have filthy shared kitchens and in-unit microwaves that wouldn't "even be big enough for a Hungry Man dinner." Go eat your Hungry Man dinners and meth someplace else, aPodment dwellers!
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