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South Lake Union Rezoning Proposal Unlikely To Pass

Vulcan Real Estate has big plans for South Lake Union. Plans that reach 240-feet high. Unfortunately for them and Mayor McGinn, it looks like those plans will not come to pass. The Seattle Times is reporting that the Seattle City Council is informally denying their rezoning plan that would raise building limits to 24-stories. Instead, they're looking to put building limits at 160-foot, or 16-stories.

So Vulcan's pot-sweetening deal of allowing Seattle to use some of its land to build low-income housing didn't do it for the council. And public sentiment against losing Space Needle views across Seattle certainly didn't help. The council had already shot down Vulcan's Block 59 plans, which might have tipped their hat to this eventual decision.

The council will formally vote April 22 on rezoning South Lake Union.

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