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Hugo House Up For Landmark Nomination, Unknown Project Looms

Via CHS, Capitol Hill's Richard Hugo House will be up for landmark nomination by the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board on Wednesday, May 15. The reason for the consideration is a yet-to-be-known planned refurbishment project.

Hugo House was built in 1903 and spent time as a theater and mortuary before becoming a non-profit community writing center. The 16,000 square-foot building includes a theater, cabaret stage, cafe, library, conference room, art gallery and more.

The landmarks process exists to review historical buildings and find out if they need to be protected against certain changes. Even if landmark status is granted, an owner can still make modifications, but may create restrictions on what is possible.
Capitol Hill's Hugo House to be reviewed as Seattle landmark, project in works [CHS]
Photo: [Flickr/Wonderlane]