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Sacramento Kings Staying Put, SoDo Arena Plans On Hold

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Seattle Sonics fans will have to wait a little longer. According to multiple sources, the NBA relocation and finance committee has recommended to the Board of Governors that they vote no on moving the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. That NBA owners will assuredly follow suit when they officially vote on or around May 13, which means the sale of the franchise to Chris Hansen in its current state will be nullified and the team must stay in Sacramento.

In other words, the Seattle Sonics will not in fact be playing basketball next season. It also means that construction on Hansen's SoDo Arena will not begin since it was dependant on ownership of a franchise. It also means no basketball at KeyArena next season, which means no revenue to the businesses in the area. And it also means any plans for an NHL franchise in Seattle will also be put on hold.

Lots of questions now. Will Hansen and his team try to get the NBA to expand? Will they set their sights on another franchise? What will Hansen do with all that SoDo land he now owns? We'll just have to wait and see what the answers are.
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