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Today In SoDo Arena Developments: Now What?

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The NBA committee on relocation is recommending to the Board of Governors that they deny Chris Hansen's bid to buy the Sacramento Kings and move them to Seattle, effectively making it a foregone conclusion. As such, construction cannot begin on SoDo Arena, which means an NHL franchise can't come to Seattle and KeyArena-area businesses will not reap millions from the team's temporary home in Seattle Center. Not to mention that Sonics fans will have to continue to live in a world where their beloved basketball doesn't exist.

Deep breath, everyone.

Are the SoDo Arena plans scrapped? Not at all. The project is still up for an environmental review, architectural drawings are expected today and the deal runs through 2017. So why not get it all approved now with the hope that you can still get a franchise within the next four years?

What about all that land Chris Hansen bought surrounding the potential arena? That's how property now. If he's not giving up on the arena, he's certainly not giving up on his parking lot and pedestrian space.

What about that long-rumored SoDo entertainment complex? Nothing official but you have to imagine that's on hold. Hansen clearly wants to make his arena the cornerstone of such a project. No arena, no entertainment complex. At least not one Hansen is championing.

Can Hansen bring in an NHL team and building the arena? Nope. The deal with the city specifically calls for an NBA franchise in order to begin building the arena. Without the NBA team, there can't be an NHL one.

What about those KeyArena renovations? Those are on hold as well. No team, no need to renovate.

How excited are those people who sued Hansen over his plans to build the arena in SoDo? Very.

So, they're just gonna keep trying until they get a team and arena? Well, never say never. Chris Hansen's hedge-fund isn't doing all that great and he's got a lot of money tied up in property already. While he seems committed, and has some pretty wealthy backers alongside him, there's only so long one can keep trying.

How much should I hate Clay Bennett?The owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder lied to the people of Seattle when he bought the Sonics and then moved the team. He was on the committee that made yesterday's decision. He voted against the sale. So, to answer your question, with the heat of a thousand fiery suns.
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