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115-Unit aPodment Building Proposed For Eastlake

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Nothing has Seattleites quite as fired up as micro apartments, a.k.a. aPodments, right now. They're ruining the city! They're so small, they're hazardous! They're popping up everywhere!

If you live in Eastlake, we hope you didn't think you were immune to the "scourge" of microapartments as well because there are now plans to bring a five-story aPodment building to your neighborhood.

Johnson Car LLC and Janette Architecture met with a Seattle design review board last night to discuss a proposed five-story, 115 unit project to 2820 Eastlake Avenue E. The complex would be rooming-house style, where owners can rent out rooms with shared utilities such as a kitchen and bathroom.

The site is currently home to a house and apartment building, both of which would need to be demolished.
· 115 micro apartments proposed for site on Eastlake Avenue East [DJC]