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Seattle Real Estate Listing Photo Trends: The Strategic Guitar

Every day, Curbed Seattle churns through the real estate listings on Estately to see what's new, what's unique and what trends keep popping up. One thing we've begun to notice in recent days is The Strategic Guitar. If you've noticed a trend in real estate listing photos, make sure you let us know at

You're scanning photo after photo from listing after listing and they're all starting to blur together. Suddenly you come across a photo and out of the corner of your eye, you notice it. A guitar. You know that the house won't come with the guitar, but you can't stop looking at it, lovingly placed against the wall on a room. Your room. Your music room. You always wanted to play guitar and now is your chance. Clearly these people did it. And now look at them, selling their home because they're going on tour with Rascal Flatts, probably. That could be you jamming with Mr. & Mrs. Flatts, but first you're gonna need to buy this house...