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The 5 Best 'For Sale By Owner' Seattle Listings Available Right Now

Sometimes apartment owners decide to forego the hassle of using a broker for the hassle of selling a place themselves. The photos are often lacking but the deals are sometimes better. Here are five of the best we uncovered on Zillow.

We begin with this 1-BR floating home in the Tenas Chuck Moorage looking to sell for $499K. 950 square-feet might be snug but, let's face it, you're buying this for the view and location.

In a classic FSBO mistake, the listing for this 5-BR, 3-bath West Seattle home for $998K includes 30 photos but it takes until Photo No. 15 until we actually see inside. We get it, amazing views. A few more views of the travertine floors and spacious walk-in closet, please.

If you're a detail-oriented person, you're going to love this 3-BR listed for $795K. The listing can't stop talking about the hardwood floors, ceilings and doors. Granted, they all look worthy of some description.

Get that penthouse view you've been looking for at 525 Belmont Ave E where this 2-BR condo is available for $665K. At 1,374 square-feet, you've got plenty of room to roam high above Capitol Hill.

Finally, we stay in Capitol Hill for this 3-BR condo, which should win an award for their usage of all-caps in the listing, featuring "NEW," "CLASSIC," "SECURE," and "GORGEOUS" to make sure you DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!