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Let's Have A Generic Seattle Photo Condo Showdown

You've restored and remodeled some old warehouse into state-of-the-art condos? Boring. Exposed brick is for suckers. You want to wow us? You want to make us feel like we're living in a CBS sitcom about two hip twenty-somethings with wacky friends? Put generic Seattle art on those brick walls. Then we'll talk.

81 Vine is a cool-looking building and Unit 200 seems like a solid open space for a Seattleite to call home. But it's not until you the Pike Place street sign photo in the kitchen and the Seattle map made out of neighborhood names print that you realize, "Yep, I am literally in Seattle."

And then there's Unit 406 at 1505 11 Ave., where a converted 1913 warehouse has been turned into the Monique Lofts. It's a place where you can "immerse yourself in the multitude of arts and culture, dining, and recreational opportunities in the neighborhood." It's also a place where you've got a humongous Pike Place Market Image Overload print to stare at when you're not out immersing.
· 81 Vine St, Unit 200 [Estately]
· 1505 11 Ave Unit 406 [Estately]