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What Is Seattle's Version Of The RoboCop Statue?

Over in Detroit, they've almost completed a 10' sculpture of RoboCop made of foam, clay, wax, and steel. The big question will eventually be, where will Detroit put a statue of it's chosen cinematic son? That's still TBD.

Along with Philadelphia's Rocky statue, cinematic heroes tied to a city's identity are becoming a thing. So it made up wonder...what would Seattle's version be? Who would we proudly (or ironically) bestow with the honor of a statue in a prominent location? Seattle's a little light on action stars and legendary franchises, but, we had some ideas...

How about Harry from Harry & The Hendersons? He lends himself well to statue form. In the film, he "terrorized" a family in Wallingford, so maybe we could put him on top of the QFC on 35th St. Sure, there's already that statue in Index but we can do better.

When most people think of Seattle and the movies, they think of Sleepless In Seattle. So maybe we need to consider a Tom Hanks statue in Westlake? What if we erected a giant Tom Hanks statue looking east and then in New York they put a giant Meg Ryan statue looking west? We're just spit-ballin' here. And hey, we wouldn't be the first people to suggest a Tom Hanks statue.

Finally, the only other solid option we came up with was from Singles. It's not the kind of movie people usually build statues from, but, that's what makes it so perfect for Seattle. It's counter-culture, man... Whether it's a giant statue of Citizen Dick in Capitol Hill or perhaps even an Xavier McDaniel statue sternly giving us sex advice, we're open to discussions.

Got any more suggestions for the Seattle "RoboCop statue?"
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