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Seattle Micro-Housing Development Public Meeting, Take Two

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[Photo by Seattle's Land Use Code] The last time the Seattle City Council held a public meeting to discuss micro-housing development a.k.a. aPodments, we found out that these living spaces are full of "meth addicts" who will terrorize "our daughters." With so many of these developments in and soon-to-be in Seattle, the council decided to they want to hear more of your opinions, sound or wacky, on the matter.

City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen today confirmed that a second public meeting on micro-housing developments will be held. The meeting will be on May 6 at 6:00 p.m. at Seattle First Baptist Church on First Hill. The purpose of the second meeting is to hear from neighborhood representatives who will give their views and recommendations on the micro-housing projects. Representatives of the developers who build micro-housing projects will be present to describe the projects and the market for this housing alternative and their response to concerns they are hearing from the community.

Be there or be square. Or in the case of people living in aPodments, be there or be in your own tiny square.
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