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Curbed Seeks Brightest Young Stars of Architecture & Design

In the two weeks since Curbed launched a search for the next wave of up-and-coming architects, developers, and interior designers we've experienced a flood of nominees for the inaugural class of Curbed Young Guns. Have you sent us your suggestion yet? The rules are simple: nominees must be under the age of 35 and they must be based in the United States. We'd love to hear from you, dear reader.

We want Curbed Young Guns to be the most democratic of awards, so we've opened the nomination process to everyone. If you have a talented professional in mind, tell us about him or her right over here. If you have additional supporting materials, please send them our way at The nomination process will be open through the end of May, and you can absolutely send in more than one name.

Then stay tuned! Once we've amassed our talent, the fun really begins. We'll put their work in front of a panel of industry leaders including top architects, interior designers, and developers, and ask them to help us pick the very best. To make the process transparent, we'll be documenting every step on Curbed. And once we have our winners, we'll fête them all summer long.
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