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Climber Posts Pics Atop CenturyLink Field, Space Needle, Seattle Great Wheel

Don't try this at home. Then again, your home is probably only a story or two off the ground so, better to try this at home. A mystery climber has posted pics on Reddit showing himself sitting on the roof of CenturyLink Field as well as on top of the Space Needle, the King Street Station clock and the Great Wheel.

No explanation so far on how the subject and photographer got up on all the structures. According to KIRO, police are investigating since it probably involved something illegal (no doi). Whoever he is, he must be excited about the rezoning in South Lake Union. Lots more tall buildings to come.

Update: Looks like this might be the climber.

· CenturyLink climber photos get Seahawks' attention [KIRO]

CenturyLink Field

800 Occidental Avenue South, , WA 98134 Visit Website

King Street Station

303 South Jackson Street, , WA 98104 Visit Website