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Amazon Biosphere Idea Garners Mixed Reviews

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We'd like to think everyone is in agreement that Amazon's proposed biosphere concept for their 3.3 million square-foot Denny Triangle campus is pretty cool. We suppose you could argue it's not necessary, but then again, what was so necessary about the Space Needle or the EMP design?

The plan was brought before a city design review board Tuesday night and the reaction was...mixed.

"There's something optimistic, forward-looking, experimental, exciting, whimsical about this building," said Gabe Grant, a review board member who is vice president of Seattle-based HAL Real Estate Investments. Mathew Albores, an architect on the board, wasn't impressed. The spheres are too similar in style to the EMP Museum and the Seattle Public Library, he said. And why, he asked, have more trees inside the spheres where the public won't be allowed than outside in the adjacent public space?

Just to make sure we're all on the same page, this is what the EMP Museum looks like and here's what the library looks like. They resemble the Haters gonna hate, Mathew Albores.

Pretty much all of the other comments in the Seattle Times article are positive so there's a chance Albores is the only Debbie Downer of the lot.
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