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The Five Least Expensive Ways To Become Bill Gates's Neighbor

You know all about Bill Gates' nutso Medina mansion. But have you ever wondered if its possible to find a place in the same neighborhood so you can swing by to watch golf with him on Sundays? This week we're checking out the five least expensive properties for sale in Medina. Boundaries are set by the realtors. We didn't include any property that's currently in contract. A friendly reminder: read the fine print, as some of these abodes have strings attached.

Address: 2431 Evergreen Point Road
Asking price: $1.295M
Size: 2,770 square feet
Rooms: 5-BR, 2.25 bath
Notable Feature: "Environmentalist's dream - this and surrounding 7+ acres are protected by a conservation easement designed to retain the mature trees and which limits development to the current home sites"

Address: 8606 NE 10th St.
Asking price: $1.595M
Size: 3,170 square feet
Rooms: 3-BR, 3 bath
Notable Feature: The large family room is more than capable of handling your giant couch, big screen TV, piano and whatever else you want to throw in there.

Address: 1885 77th Ave NE
Asking price: $1.779M
Size: 4,060 square feet
Rooms: 4-BR, 3.25 bath
Notable Feature: Is that a personal yoga room?

Address: 8428 Ridge Road
Asking price: $2.375M
Size: 4,100 square feet
Rooms: 3-BR, 3.5 bath
Notable Feature: Exposed-wood-lover's dream (that sounds weird).

Address: 1556 79th Place NE
Asking price: $2.695M
Size: 3,760 square feet
Rooms: 4-BR, 3.75 bath
Notable Feature: We'll go with the nice little toilet alcove in one of the bathrooms. Such privacy!