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Where Do Seattle Mayoral Candidates Stand On Neighborhood Issues?

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Last Thurday, a mayoral forum was held in Wallingford featuring six of the major candidates, Mayor Mike McGinn, Tim Burgess, Ed Murray, Charlie Staadecker, Bruce Harrell, Kate Martin and Peter Steinbrueck. The fine folks at PubliCola were nice enough to compile everyone's answers to see where everyone stands on the major issues involving Seattle's neighborhoods:

Do you support the proposed SoDo arena?
Harrell, McGinn, and Staadecker said Yes.
Burgess, Martin, and Murray said Maybe.
Steinbrueck said No.

Do you support zoning changes for micro-apartments a.k.a. aPodments?
Burgess, Harrell, Martin, and McGinn said Yes.
Murray, Staadecker, and Steinbrueck said Maybe.

Do you support doubling the number of separated bike lanes in the city?
Everyone said Yes.

Do you support light rail expansion?
Everyone said Yes.

Do you support a "congestion fee" for downtown Seattle to alleviate traffic?
Burgess, Harrell, Martin, McGinn, Murray, and Staadecker said No.
Steinbrueck said Yes.
· Deconstructing the Candidates' Yeses, Nos, and Maybes [PubliCola]