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This Greenwood Home Is Perfect For Any Spying NSA Agent

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Let's face it, spying on your fellow Americans can be a real grind. When you're an NSA agent who knows the intimate secrets of all your neighbors, you're going to need a secure location under the radar to call home. Might we suggest this 1-BR in Greenwood, which the broker babble says "is most unique home on the market today." The description for the listing might be just as unique...

You enter into your own private nightclub & walk through a maze of impeccably built & organized storerooms meandering through the property. Features include a 16 camera surveillance system, 3 electrical subpanels, deep water gray water well, mirrored bedroom, attached carport & much more. A "private nightclub" is the perfect cover for your shady dealings. You can work behind the scenes behind your "maze" as you download critical spy information with the help of those subpanels. But how do you make sure you can purchase this house while also staying off the grid?

Cash buyers only. Perfect.
· 144 NW 103rd St. [Estately]