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Cornerspotted: La Cantina Tavern and Sparks Grocery in South Park

On Friday, we asked you to guess what this building with a checkered past was and what its location was.

We got an email guess from Byron, who says, "My Father was a builder/remodeler. In the summer of 1956, he had a home remodel job just about a block to the left of the market. My Dad and I would visit the job site in the AM after Boeing traffic or just after lunch, and leave before Boeing traffic began again. We would go to this place from a place in Georgetown and cross the 14th St. bridge. The tavern side of the building would be Cloverdale St...Used to get Cokes there, in small bottles, 7 or 8 ouncers, for a nickel."

You got it, Bryon. It's at the corner of South Cloverdale and 8th Avenue South.

Find out more about the sordid history of this building from Rob Ketcherside, who is also currently writing a book called Lost Seattle.

Check back Friday for the next round of Cornerspotter. And if you've got a great idea or image for the next one, feel free to send it our way.