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Fauntleroy Waterfront 'Dream Home' Price Dropped 28% In 2 Months

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Remember the 4,000 square-foot, waterfront home in Fauntleroy that was purchased before "divorce has forced the sale of this dream home?" Maybe you looked at it back in April, liked what you saw, but thought the $3.75M price tag was a bit much. Well good news because, just two months later, two price reductions have taken it down 28% to $2.8M. Purchased in 2009 for $1.7M, the broker babble tells us, "over $7,000,000 invested to date!" Apparently, that hasn't impressed potential buyers so far. Still, features such as the detailed woodwork in the bedroom and back porch hot tub are worthwhile for someone.
· 10411 Maplewood Place SW [Estately]

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