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Developer Paid $950K For Tacoma Armory 'For The Hell Of It'

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May we all get to the point in our lives when we can fork over nearly $1M on a lark.

Washington has been looking to unload the historic Tacoma Armory ever since the National Guard moved out in 2011. They wanted to sell it for $1M and ended up coming in just under with their $950K sale to Fred Roberson, a real estate developer with a portfolio full of historic properties.

When asked why he was buying the 1908-built landmark, Roberson said, "I'm just doing it for the hell of it. I cannot resist a challenge." Roberson has a lot of work to be done to get the building up to code but he tells the News-Tribune he already has tenants interested in moving in.
· Now that developer has the Tacoma Armory, he will dig in to restore it [News-Tribune]